Sourcegraph Cody

Sourcegraph Cody Ai Tool Mate

Cody, an AI coding assistant provided by Sourcegraph, is designed to enhance your coding experience. It leverages artificial intelligence and a comprehensive understanding of your codebase to expedite your coding and comprehension process.

Cody offers AI-assisted autocomplete, capable of completing single lines or entire functions across various programming languages, configuration files, or documentation. Additionally, Cody features an AI-powered chat that can help you navigate new projects, decipher legacy code, or tackle complex problems. It can answer queries about the structure of a repository, the purpose of a file, the location of a component, and troubleshooting code.

Cody also allows you to run custom and pre-built commands, generate unit tests swiftly, and optimize your code for best practices. It’s available for use in various IDEs, including VS Code and JetBrains.

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