Explore the top 17+ AI Story Generator Tools that are revolutionizing creative writing. Dive into a world where technology meets creativity, and discover innovative platforms that use artificial intelligence to enhance storytelling, inspire new ideas, and empower writers. Whether you’re an author, content creator, or enthusiast, find the perfect tool to ignite your imagination and transform your writing process.

Tales Factory

Tales Factory

Tales Factory is a web app that uses artificial intelligence to create storybooks in seconds. You can type in an idea and Tales Factory will generate stories with unique illustrations. You can also browse stories created by other users or share your own. Tales Factory is a new way of storytelling that lets you unleash your inner storyteller.

Child Book AI

Child Book AI is an AI app that lets you create a personalized children’s book with your own characters, illustrations and stories. You can use it to describe your characters and give a title and a description of what you want the story to be about, and the app will generate a children’s story using GPT-3 and DALL-E1. You can also listen to the books come alive with text-to-speech feature. offers different plans for creating unlimited or bulk books.


Oscar Stories

Oscar is a mobile app that generates personalized bedtime stories for kids using artificial intelligence. The app allows users to choose their child’s name, gender, appearance, and favorite things, and create stories where their child is the main character. The app uses advanced AI technology to create stories that are unique, engaging, and imaginative.


Subtxt App offers a writing app that combines artificial intelligence with a predictive narrative framework. Subtxt helps you write meaningful stories by suggesting plot points, characters, themes, and scenes based on your story’s genre and premise. You can also use Subtxt to generate short stories or scenes with specific elements.

Your Own Story Book

Your Own Story Book lets you create AI-powered story books featuring your pet as the main character. You can enter your pet’s name, breed, gender, and pronouns, and generate a personalized story with illustrations. You can also inject your own sentences into the story.

AI Screenwriter

AI Screenwriter

AIScreenwriter help you write your next film script, story outline, or character sheet. You can use the tool to generate creative and engaging content based on your project title, genre, and writing style. You can also get feedback and suggestions from the AI to improve your writing.


Novel AI

NovelAI is a website that lets you use AI to create and explore stories, characters, worlds and images. You can write your own stories with the help of AI models trained on real literature, or choose from different scenarios and genres. You can also use AI to generate images based on your descriptions or stories. NovelAI is a monthly subscription service that offers different plans and tokens for using the AI features. NovelAI aims to provide a fun and creative platform for anyone who loves storytelling.


Make My Tale

MakeMyTale lets you create and read AI-generated stories for children. You can choose a theme, characters and keywords for your story, and MakeMyTale will generate a unique tale that is tailored to your preferences. You can also create audio and video versions of your stories. MakeMyTale aims to inspire creativity and imagination in children by making them the hero of their own stories. You can also explore popular stories and rate them on the website.


Fabled AI lets you create your own stories with AI and beautiful images. You can start with a single sentence and will generate a personal illustrated story for you. You can also edit the story and choose different images to suit your preferences. can be used to make various types of stories, such as personalized kids stories, baby books, adult novels, or fan-fiction. You can also browse the library of stories created by other users.