Truewind AI

Truewind AI

Truewind is an AI-powered tool that offers financial services to startups. It combines AI and concierge service to provide reliable bookkeeping and detailed financial models.

The platform assists in managing investors, creating a financial plan with growth goals and expense targets, and producing financial reports for investors.

With Truewind, startups can close their books in days instead of weeks, allowing for quicker business decisions. Truewind’s back office finance experience is delivered through a combination of AI and human intervention for unmatched accuracy and timely results.

Truewind’s concierge team collaborates with finance experts to manage books and taxes, providing world-class support to customers. The platform has been trusted by hyper-growth startups and has received positive reviews from various customers.

Overall, Truewind is an impressive platform that offers a customized financial solution for startups. It delivers accurate and timely reports with fewer errors, providing more transparency and faster monthly closes for better-informed business decisions.

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