The Powerful List of Freemium AI Tools


Endless Visual Novel

Endless Visual Novel lets you play an AI storytelling game where everything is generated by AI. You can choose from different genres and settings, and interact with the characters and the story as you go along. The graphics, music, story and characters are all unique and different every time you play. You can also create your own stories using the AI tools. Endless Visual Novel is owned and operated by Augnition Oy, a company based in Finland3.

InstaNovel AI

Insta Novel AI is a website that allows you to generate mini-novels with beautiful artwork from a simple prompt using artificial intelligence. You can write your own story or choose from a list of genres and themes. The website will create a fun mini-novel with 4-6 chapters and illustrations that match your chosen visual style. uses GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 to generate the contents of the book.


Bedtime Story Ai

Bedtimestory AI is a service that uses artificial intelligence to create stories for children. You can customize your own story with your child’s name, family members, genre, art style, moral, and more. You can also browse, like, bookmark, remix, and share over 5000 stories from an open library. The stories are available in English, French, and Spanish. Bedtimestory AI is powered by large language models such as GPT-3 and other AI models.

StoryWizard Ai

Story Wizard ai

Storywizard uses AI and magic to help users generate unique and beautiful children’s stories with vivid images and enjoyable plots. Users can create stories by answering a few simple questions and then customize them with their own text and images. Storywizard also offers AI tools and resources for teachers and educators who want to enhance their teaching practices and improve student engagement.



GPTZero is a web application that allows users to check if a text is written by AI or a human being. It gives a comprehensive score for the percentage of AI-written content in a document and marks each AI-written sentence. It also allows users to upload multiple files at once and provides API access and setup support for organizations.



Airgram is a meeting productivity tool that helps users plan, record, transcribe, and review their meetings with ease. It works with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and in-person meetings. It also helps users extract key information, highlights, and action items from their transcripts. Users can edit, export, and organize their meeting notes in one place.

MotionIt AI

motionit is a platform generate slides and videos for various types of presentations, such as pitch decks, conference talks, and more. It helps users create engaging and professional content in seconds with simple prompts. Users can also export their slides to Google Slides, PowerPoint or PDF.



STORYD is a tool that helps users create AI-powered data presentations that are engaging and impactful. It enables users to quickly create presentations that will capture the attention of leaders, helping them get recognized for their hard work. Users can embed best practice data visualizations, upload their corporate theme and join the waitlist for STORYD.

MagicSlides App

MagicSlides App

MagicSlides helps you create presentation slides with Google Slides in seconds. You can choose your title and number of slides, and MagicSlides will generate content and design for you, using GPT technology. You can also edit and customize your slides as you wish. MagicSlides is a Google Workspace app that you can install with an OpenAI API key.



Tome is an AI-powered tool that helps you create engaging and beautiful presentations, stories, and reports in seconds. You can type in a prompt and watch Tome generate content and images for you, or use your own text and media. You can also add interactive elements like 3D renderings, live data, or web content to make your work stand out.