Casetext is a legal AI firm that provides CoCounsel, an advanced AI legal assistant created to improve the efficiency of lawyers.

CoCounsel can carry out several essential tasks, such as reviewing documents, preparing legal research memos, preparing for depositions, and analyzing contracts in a matter of minutes.

Lawyers can enter an issue and relevant information like jurisdiction into CoCounsel and receive a comprehensive answer with supporting sources in just a few seconds.

CoCounsel can identify crucial documents in contract databases and key information in discovery. This increases accuracy and recall while reducing costs. CoCounsel can also automate contract revisions by identifying relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks and suggesting changes.

More than 10,000 law firms rely on Casetext, including solo and small practices, Am Law 100 firms, and in-house legal departments. The company’s leadership team has unparalleled expertise, including serving as president of the Stanford Law Review, working on the Senate Judiciary Committee, litigating for top-tier firms, and patenting ABA-recognized technology.

Casetext is a reliable and innovative legal AI company that is changing the practice and business of law. It empowers more lawyers to provide higher-quality, more efficient, and more affordable representation to more people.

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