BlackBox AI

BlackBox AI AiToolMate

Blackbox is an AI-powered coding assistant that is designed to help developers code faster and more efficiently. It offers a variety of features including AI code generation, code chat, and code search.

Blackbox is capable of understanding specific questions in various programming languages such as Javascript, Java, React, Android, Flutter, Next.js, AngularJS, Swift, MongoDB, Pytorch, and many more. It can also summarize YouTube videos and provide insights on Github repositories.

Blackbox assists developers in writing code, fixing bugs, building new features, and refactoring their code. It has real-time knowledge of the world, which enables it to answer questions about recent events, technological breakthroughs, product releases, API documentations, and more.

It integrates directly with VSCode to automatically suggest the next lines of code based on your repo context. It also provides autocomplete suggestions, code snippets, and function completions.

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