Supercharge Your Facebook Ads: 11 Must-Have AI Tools for Every Advertiser

Facebook advertising has become a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy, and for good reason. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers businesses unparalleled access to a massive audience. However, with so many businesses vying for attention on the platform, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. AI-powered tools for Facebook advertising can help businesses achieve better results by optimizing their campaigns, improving ad creative, and targeting the right audience. With the right AI tools in place, businesses can achieve higher ROI, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the 11 best AI tools for Facebook ads that can help businesses supercharge their advertising efforts. We’ll cover a range of tools that can help with everything from ad creation and audience segmentation to ad performance analysis and optimization.

Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook advertiser or just starting out, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most effective AI tools for Facebook ads. So, if you’re ready to take your Facebook advertising to the next level, let’s dive in and explore these powerful tools!

1. Peachly AI

Peachly AI is a comprehensive hybrid AI solution that merges AI with human expertise to generate, target, and optimize ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google, resulting in enhanced ROI. It offers AI-assisted creative development, a unique hybrid AI advertising solution.

It enables businesses to save time and money by launching AI-driven Facebook ad campaigns in as little as 30 seconds and achieving flawless campaigns with just a few clicks. It also provides expert verification to ensure error-free campaigns and allows for unlimited ad spend without diminishing profits.


AdCopy AI is a tool that can help businesses to get more sales from their Facebook ads by using AI-powered copy. With AdCopy, users can generate top-notch ad copy in just 60 seconds for less than $0.30 per ad.

The tool allows users to fully harness the power of AI by leveraging AdCopy’s custom prompts and advanced AI settings. This enables users to control the input fed to the model and machine learning systems, resulting in high-quality marketing copy tailored to their specific needs.

By using AdCopy AI, businesses can improve the performance of their Facebook ads and achieve better results at a lower cost.

3. MarketingBlocks AI

MarketingBlocks is a one-click AI-powered app that creates various marketing assets for you in less than 45 seconds. You can use it to generate landing pages, ads, marketing copy, graphics, email swipes, promo videos, logos, voiceovers and more without writing a single word yourself. MarketingBlocks AI works in 100+ languages and saves you time and money by eliminating the need for expensive tools or freelancers.

4. PPC Ad Editor

PPC Ad Editor is a web-based tool that enables agencies and teams to generate, collaborate on, review, and approve ad mockups for various ad channels such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The tool facilitates the visualization of ad copy, campaigns, ad groups, and extensions while streamlining the review and approval process.

It eliminates the need for spreadsheets, minimizes human errors, and saves time by automating various fields. After approval, campaigns can be exported to Google Ads Editor and full audit trails can be created. The tool also includes AI-powered ad copy generation for Google Ads campaigns, making it simple to generate ad copy ideas in less time.


AdCreative AI is a powerful tool that helps businesses to create high-quality ad creatives quickly and easily. With AdCreative AI, users have access to over 100 million free stock images that can be used in their ad creatives. These images are included with every package at no additional cost.

In addition to providing access to a vast library of images, AdCreative AI also offers a Text Generator AI feature. This feature allows users to generate high-converting ad texts and headlines using a variety of copywriting methodologies.

6. Oxolo

Oxolo is a tool that helps users create professional-looking product videos for their e-commerce stores, websites, or social media pages. Users can simply copy and paste the product’s URL into the tool and it will generate a video script along with the right actor, voice-over, music, and imagery.

The video production is typically completed within a few minutes and users have the option to make desired changes using Oxolo’s user-friendly studio editor. Oxolo provides an easy-to-use editor that enables users to customize their videos and provides script-writing assistance and video production in minutes.

7. MagicBrief

MagicBrief is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators, video editors, motion designers and clients streamline their creative workflow. The tool allows users to save ad references from platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, break them down into individual components and incorporate them into their own storyboards.

In addition to this, MagicBrief also provides users with the ability to build a library of successful creatives, create an unlimited number of storyboards and collaborate with team members in real-time.

The tool supports a range of export options, including images, videos, scripts and subtitles. One of its features is the MagicAI beta, which analyzes video ads and identifies keyframes that have been successful in order to help users create their own viral ads.

8. CopyCop AI

CopyCop AI is a sophisticated tool that helps businesses create Facebook ad copies that are both compliant with Facebook’s policies and optimized for engagement and conversion. The tool uses advanced AI and natural language processing algorithms to analyze a range of data, including the target audience and competition, to generate ad copy that complies with Facebook’s complex and ever-changing policies.

9. TextCortex’s Facebook Ads Generator

TextCortex’s Facebook Ads Generator is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses create engaging and high-converting ad copies at scale in just a matter of seconds. The tool allows users to enter their product and target audience information, choose the part of the Facebook ad they need and then pick the best copy for their campaigns.

By using TextCortex’s Facebook Ads Generator, businesses can achieve a 70% reduction in time and effort compared to traditional methods of creating ad copy. The tool is also 20 times more cost-effective than outsourcing to a copywriter.

10. Pencil

Pencil is an AI Ad Generator that helps brands and agencies create new ad variations 10x faster. It is trusted by over 3,000+ brands and agencies to generate over 1,000,000 ad creatives. With Pencil, you get the ultimate combination of creative humans and generative AI. It’s fast, easy, cost-effective and delivers results.

You can connect your data from your ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights and train predictions. You can also connect to your store or assets library to import branding, images, videos and product information. Then you can generate new static & video ad creatives yourself in minutes or receive creatives made by your Creative Assistant.

11. Markopolo

Markopolo is an eCommerce growth platform that enables businesses to track and personalize marketing for consumers across devices and platforms. The platform features an AI-powered creative assistant, PIXEL integration, and an advanced dashboard to help businesses optimize their ads and get higher returns from the same ad budget. Markopolo also allows marketers to automate daily actions, use targeting AI to generate custom audience presets, and get a holistic overview of all metrics in one dashboard.

AI tools have revolutionized the way businesses approach Facebook advertising. With the ability to automate tasks and optimize campaigns based on data-driven insights, these tools offer a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. The 11 AI tools we’ve discussed in this post provide businesses with a range of options to improve their Facebook advertising efforts. From ad creation and targeting to performance analysis and optimization, these tools can help businesses achieve better results and increase their ROI.

As you consider implementing these AI tools into your Facebook advertising strategy, keep in mind that they are just one piece of the puzzle. Effective Facebook advertising also requires a deep understanding of your target audience, creative messaging, and ongoing optimization. By combining the power of AI tools with strategic planning and execution, you can create Facebook ads that drive results and help your business grow.

So, take what you’ve learned in this post and put it into action. Experiment with different AI tools and find the ones that work best for your business. With the right approach, you can leverage the power of Facebook advertising to reach more customers, drive sales, and achieve your business goals.